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Please note, the components in this device (mainly the microSD card) are susceptible to failure over time. They were not designed to run servers, and max out at USB 2.0 speeds. This does not make for a stable long-term deployment. Additionally, the processing power of this device does not allow us to enable our content updating and usage monitoring tools. Please consider RACHEL-Plus for any actual field deployments.

All RACHEL servers deliver the best free educational content from the web directly to your classroom, library, or another learning environment WITHOUT the need for internet. Just power up the server and users can easily connect over wifi or ethernet to access an enormous collection of top quality materials including Wikipedia, Khan Academy (KA Lite), and much more.

The latest version of the RACHEL-Pi comes complete and ready-to-use for serving RACHEL content for approximately 10 computers or tablets simultaneously, depending on usage. 

You can preview the content here:

Advanced users can also order it blank and customize the content using our modular system.

The RACHEL-Pi 3 is based on the Raspberry Pi 3 Model B, and includes a 64GB Micro SD Card loaded with content. An international power supply is also included. The RACHEL-Pi 3 does not include a battery backup. If you are in an area with unreliable power, we recommend the Rachel-Plus.


Unboxing (RACHEL-Pi 2 Shown)


Tutorial: Showing & Hiding Content


Rachelpi.berlin video tour of RACHEL-Pi Content:




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  • Looking at making a R-pi for my science classroom. I see that it requires a 64gb sd card. If I use a larger card (128gb) will i be able to use the extra space (to add extra modules or files)? ...or will the image lock the 128 card to a 64 gab image?

    I believe you'd just have run like sudo raspi config and expand the partition to get it to allow full access to the 128gb. Please try our forums at http://community.racheloffline.org for more details.

  • how do I protect my rachel server wifi. I want it to have authentication and not be open

    While we don't support this, you can follow the instructions here under "Configuring the access point host software (hostapd)"

  • Am I able to use this JUST as a file sharing access point, without the additional resources? i.e. I just need support for this file sharing service: http://rachelfriends.org/previews/rachelpi_64EN_4.0/modules/en-file_share/show_uploads.php

    Yes, definitely. If you order just the hardware you will only get a file-sharing tool.

  • I'm enjoying exploring through the RACHEL Raspberry PI. When browsing under GCF LearnFree.org, , am unable to watch videos Using safari browser on Ipads, It shows black without video playing. However, on my Android phone using chrome browser, , am getting an error that the plug-in is not supported. Am wondering which plugs in support these videos. Kindly, Help.

    Hi, I believe it is the flash plugin 

  • Is there need to uncover the raspberry pi 3 when using it, or keep it in the case as i received it? I have conflicting opinions especial that it does not have cooling fan in its design. I just received it and am testing it and learning alot about it. Currently, am removing the case just to be sure. Kindly help.

    Hello, the Raspberry Pi is a sensitive device. We don't recommend using it regularly in areas with lots of heat, wind, dust, or power interruptions. It is generally considered better to leave the case attached to the device, but make sure the device is in a cool place without dust.

  • Can we have a video on how to create image files and or how to add content to rachel pi offline

    Hello -- there should be a thread about this at http://community.rachelfriends.org

  • I see to build by own RACHEl Pi it suggests a Rasberry Pi 3. Would the newer Rasberry Pi 3b+ work?

    Not yet, please check on http://community.rachelfriends.org for updates on that new version.