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  • Hello i have 2 units of Intel Content Access Point Model WAPD-235N_LTE and i need to Configure de devices and user interfaces on my own country Education Department an Education Content I'm writing from AsunciĆ³n - Paraguay

    Hello - we unfortunately only support our current version of RACHEL hardware, not the Intel CAP Model WAPD-235N_LTE

  • I would like to add Russian Wiki and Khan academy content to Rachel Plus. I will be ordering 4 units (1 is already on order). Would you be able to do this? Also, will this content, once developed be available for additional units in the future without additional charge?

    Yes, you can do this yourself if you have someone with technical expertise on Kiwix and KA-Lite. Do you know that those solutions offer Russian versions? Regardless, we can do it for you for 3 hours of labor, which you can add in the "custom work" section of our store. There would be no further costs to these versions for anyone ever into the future.