We are currently out of stock on reliable, write-protected USB drives. If you want a RACHEL USB, please download from our FTP server.

All RACHEL content is FREE:

This 32GB selection of RACHEL content on a USB stick is designed to work easily on individual computers running Windows, Mac OS, or Linux without installing any software. This is a great way to try out RACHEL and give it to people on-the-go.

RACHEL USB sticks come with a physical switch to "write-protect" the device. We recommend gluing this switch to keep it locked. This will preventing viruses from infecting the stick (which happens frequently on old computers), as well as users accidentally deleting content.

This version of RACHEL does not include any server software, but if you are on a network you can still share the content using your computer's built-in file sharing.

All RACHEL content is FREE:

All proceeds from the sale of RACHEL hardware go back into the non-profit World Possible, which develops, supports, and installs RACHEL.

We encourage users to consider our more advanced RACHEL Servers, with interactive exercises, more content, and file sharing features, we recommend looking at the powerful RACHEL-Plus or inexpensive RACHEL-Pi both as DIY projects and through our store here.

  • Please note, we do our best to ship as quickly as possible.  In general, we aim to ship within 5 business days.  When we cannot ship within 5 business days, we try to inform you immediately.