RACHEL-Plus 3.0

$ 499.00


This RACHEL Server is designed for use in schools, community centers, health centers, or places of learning worldwide where internet access does not exist or is limited. This is our primary product, which is used by hundreds of partner organizations in over 40 countries worldwide. 

Preview RACHEL-Plus Content Here (An online copy of RACHEL's offline content) -- compare content between 500GB and 1TB here

Overview of RACHEL-Plus (Watch This First):

If you still have questions after watching the video, please start here: 


Enhanced hardware features include:

  • Up to 20-50 simultaneous users*
  • Remote access and updates if/when plugged into the internet
  • No recurring fees of any kind
  • 5 hour+ battery life
  • Extended WiFi range
  • Password protected teacher portal to easily upload PDFs, Movies, and other files

* 50 users with mixed-media usage, up to 20 simultaneous video streams

Important Safety Notice

This is not an industrial-grade device and should not be used in fixed infrastructure settings (ie. do not leave the device plugged into constant power 24 hours a day / 7 days a week).

Helpful supporting documents:

 Shipping information and questions: 

  • Free U.S. Shipping Available, for international orders you are responsible for understanding and paying your countries duties, import fees, and VAT in addition to the cost of shipping.
  • Please note, we do our best to ship as quickly as possible.  In general, we aim to ship within 5 business days.  When we cannot ship within 5 business days, we try to inform you immediately.
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    Ask a Question
    • Hi, Can one install Kolibri into Rachel? What do I need to know?

      Hi Boaz, you sure can! RACHEL-Plus is running Ubuntu 14.04, so the instructions here should work: https://kolibri.readthedocs.io/en/latest/install.html#debian-ubuntu-linux Officially, we'll start shipping with Kolibri in June of this year when our new RACHEL hardware arrives. If you need help, please post at http://community.rachelfriends.org 

      Best, Jeremy

    • We purchased 4 devices a year ago. Is it possible to purchase just the power supplies? Several have been misplaced and the one I do have doesn't appear to be working so we can't use any of the devices at the moment.

      Yes, you can search power supply in our store or head here: https://store.worldpossible.org/products/rachel-plus-additional-power-supply 

    • I am Cameroonian and we have an African-online non profit group and will like to partner with your organization and hopefully introduce RACHEL to other remote areas in Africa

      Thanks for reaching out to us! The best place to get started is to introduce yourself on our forums: http://community.rachelfriends.org/c/countries 

      You can also start with downloading our content free from http://oer2go.org or purchasing some RACHEL units through our store on this page to start distributing RACHEL! 

    • What are the technical specifications of the Rachael- Plus? i.e What is the Hard-disk space, RAM, wi-fi range etc. Also, how many concurrent users can be connected to the inbuilt wireless transmitter whilst still maintaining good server performance?

      500GB Harddrive for Content / 16GB eMMC card for OS, 4GB RAM, 150ft of WiFi which can be reduced by many users or interference. Up to 50 users can be connected concurrently, however, if they are all watching videos, 20-25 is a better number to maintain performance. If they are all being tracked while they watch videos (in a system such as KA-Lite or Kolibre), 16-20 is generally a better maximum.

    • I bought Rachel Plus last year for Chad, Africa. As the country speaks French, my school has problem to use the device up to now. Is there any step by step you can write as procedure to help the school connect the device to 25 monitors? Thank you.

      Hello, RACHEL-Plus can only be connected to by other computers (tablets, laptops, or desktop computers). You would need more than a monitor to connect. Your laptops, tablets, or desktop computers need to have a wireless receiver (not internet). You can use that wireless receiver to connect to the WiFi signal that RACHEL-Plus emits (you'll see a signal called RACHEL). There is a video on this page that shows the process of connecting.

    • Trying to purchase the RACHEL-Plus for a registered charity in Canada. Keep bumping into "Zipcode does not match billing address" Does this mean the credit card's address has to be the same as the registered charity's?

      This message just implies you have the incorrect billing zip code of the actual credit card. Your card would likely be declined by any online retail outlet if you tried it with the incorrect billing zip code. We (World Possible) don't actually ever see your credit card information. Our site is hosted by Shopify which takes care of all payment processing and credit card data. Are you sure you have the correct billing zip code for the billing address of the credit card?

    • Could you please confirm weight and measurement for 2 Rachel- Plus

      Each RACHEL-Plus box is 12" x 9" x 2" or 31cm x 23cm x 5cm (this includes packaging and charger).

      Each RACHEL-Plus box weighs 2.5 lbs or 1.2kg (this includes packaging and charger).

    • We have an NGO in Liberia. May I use the TIN number of the NGO there for the non-profit discount?

      Yes that’s fine. In America we use the code to qualify for discounted shipping rates and to get donor support for keeping prices low. Internationally we still honor the discount for any nonprofit. 

    • Can the Wifi of the Rachel Server be extended by using 3rd party access points ( like Ruckus )

      Yes, it can.

    • Hi, does the RACHEL have the option to be downloaded in Swahili?

      No, unfortunately most of the content on RACHEL is not in Swahili. Some content in Swahili is included, but it is limited.

    • We just bought a device but I'm not satisfied with the content.. I mean its OK but I'd like to have more modules added like Moodle etc... We just got the basic modules... Also the WiFi coverage is too short... A hundred metre radius would fit my school... Please advice me how I can solve all these queries.... Otherwise what we have is still very helpful and has everyone interested... Regards Chris

      Hi Chris - Moodle is installed on each device by default. If you're looking to change your modules, there is a very easy process to add or remove modules. It is documented on page 4 of the quick start guide that comes with the device, which is only 6 half pages long. Here's a link to it again: QuickStartGuide

      The WiFi range is limited by the laws of physics, but again, there are easy options to add a router to your RACHEL device to extend the WiFi signal. Here: http://community.rachelfriends.org/t/rachel-plus-on-a-lan-or-with-router/334

    • We are an organisation with content for schools in Ghana. How can we have our content on the devices if we want to buy and distribute to schools?

      Hello - there are three ways to add your own content.

      1) use the lesson planner feature to upload files (PDFs, movies, mp3s, etc). You can do this once, then export the full collection, and reimport on future devices.
      2) create your own modules (HTML based with links to content) -- please see http://community.rachelfriends.org/c/content/creating-modules/46
      3) you can send us your content and we can create a module ($85 per hour) and we can load that module on your devices in the future.

    • My name is Russel Kitau and I'm a lecturer at the University of Papua New Guinea. I 'd like to assist a CHW school in Central Province with a Rachel Plus to be used for our students to use to find library books for their health course like the "where there is no doctor" by David Werner. We want to purchase it from your company. We only have K 4,000.00 (about US $800). How can we get it with this amount of money? How much will it cost altogether? How long will it take to reach Port Moresby?

      Hello Russell - you should have no problem purchasing the device through our website and shipping to PNG. The device would cost $539 (with 1TB HDD) + shipping (estimated $110) + VAT and tariffs upon entry (est $150). That should finish at just under $800 or very close to it. It will take 7 days to reach Port Moresby.



    • hello, we are planning to use rachel in an off grid area, powered by solar. Could you please send the specifications about power supply/consumption. i guess it comes with an ac adapter, supplying dc to Rachel. What is the DC voltage and DC power consumption ? we might want to use a pure DC system

      Hello - RACHEL is a 12v / 2A power supply unit. We have seen this kit successfully used to keep RACHEL powered via Solar: https://voltaicsystems.com/arc20w-kit/

    • Do you offer a POE enabled Rachel server?

      Hi Mark - our supplier has said it is technically possible, but it would require a large order of PoE devices and a not-insignificant added cost. So at this point, we do not offer nor plan to offer a POE enabled RACHEL server.

    • I am looking for a contact number for technical support

      Hello - as a team of just two people with diverse travels to offline areas, we don't have a contact number for support. Given our limited donor and desire to keep RACHEL's price as low as possible, this is an unfortunate sacrifice we make. If you are looking for support on 'how-to's' please head to our forums at http://community.rachelfriends.org -- if your device is experiencing a hardware malfunction, please email us at store@worldpossible.org

    • Do you ship to Norway? How many days will it take?

      Yes, 7 days to process orders plus shipping which is based on your method. UPS and DHL can take as few as 3-4 days. You will choose your shipping method at checkout.

    • What size battery (V and Ah) does the Rachel 3.0 have? I would be looking to charge it with solar PV so I want to have an idea of energy needs. Thanks!

      Battery is a 4950mAH with 37.62Whr charged by a 12V 2A adapter

    • We are a registered 501 c 3. How do we apply for a discount please? EduTek Global, Avon Colorado. We work in Uganda

      Hi Anne - we unfortunately no longer have that discount program. It was funded by a donor to get more nonprofits aware of RACHEL, but that donation stream has ended. As a nonprofit ourselves, we do our best to keep the cost as low as possible and the value as high as possible. We unfortunately just don't have the funding for discounted units any longer.

    • Hello! I work in Ecuador. In Connections: The Learning Science Platform (www.thelearningsciences.com), we have a new instructional design we would like to share in order to combine RACHEL's reach, Khan Academy's content, and Harvard's understanding of neuroconstructivism to provide free, high-quality education for all. Thanks for letting me know if there are others in Latin America already working with you so we can join forces.

      Hello - please feel free to introduce yourself at http://community.rachelfriends.org -- we have lots of latin american users active there.

    • What is Rachel is all about?

      Please watch the video on the product page

    • Do you have a customer service number available?

      No, sorry. We are a two-person team in the U.S. which frequently travels and is out of contact range. We offer customer support via our community forums at http://community.rachelfriends.org

    • Hello I live here in the United States, can I buy online here but have Rachel shipped to Papua New Guinea? Please let me know asap.

      Yes, not a problem. At checkout, you will be asked to input your shipping address. Then you will see shipping costs to your destination in PNG. Please note, in addition to costs paid to us, you will almost definitely be charged something more by PNG when you receive the package (PNG Customs and VAT fees). Because these fees are levied on all imports by most countries it is likely you will have them in PNG as well. We do not have a reliable way to estimate what those costs will be, but they can range from 5% to 40% of the total shipment value.

    • Hello, I made an order, and i try to send email to info@worldpossible.org and store@worldpossible.org but i got the message ' Mail Delivery Subsystem' Delivery Status Notification (Failure), and try to call +1 415-535-2138, all can't reach, How can i contact the seller for more information? Thanks

      Hello - our email appears to be down but that phone number is correct. Please leave us a message with your contact information and the best time to reach you and we will return your call in 1-3 business days.

    • Dear World Possible Store, I am PTC Computer in Cambodia, I am interest in your product "RACHEL-Plus 3.0", do you have distributor who is near my country that I could contact? My contact +855 12 76 56 23 Best Regards,

      Hello - we currently do not have a distributor or point of contact in Cambodia. We do ship there directly from the United States.

    • Is the 5G tech on Rachel the same as that being rolled out everywhere? Is the radio frequency the same? What's World Possible's position on 5G on it's devices? Has World Possible studied the nascent medical literature on 5G so that they can say with impunity that it is safe for the most vulnerable, children, to use? Great work. Just need to hear your official statement on 5G radio frequencies used close in, in classrooms.

      Hello - RACHEL uses 5GHz WiFi not 5G cellular. It's confusing, but they are quite different.  Here's some more info: https://www.pcmag.com/article/365754/5g-vs-5g-e-vs-5ghz-whats-the-difference

    • I want to order 7 Rachels plus for delivery during April 7 and 14. How much lead time is required?

      For any order of less than 16 units of RACHEL plus, our standard processing is available. This means you can pay for accelerated delivery of 3-5 days (most expensive), 7-9 (added cost), 14-18 days (free).

    • Hi, I saw one of your previous answers regarding Kolibri being used with Rachel Plus, it says that "in June of this year when our new RACHEL hardware arrives" Which year is this referring to? Thank you for your time.

      Hello, that was 2018. We currently ship with Kolibri on RACHEL Plus.

    • I am planning to set up Rachel far away from everything, in the midst of the jungle on Borneo (Indonesia). Computer repair only available 12 hours travelling time away (in Singapore, this is where I am located). No reliable Internet available, and only very slow. Still everybody out there in the Indonesian jungle owns a smartphone with 3G data. Raspberry Pies are a commodity in Singapore, while shipping a Rachel-Plus from the USA to Singapore is a major hassle. My plan is to bring a large number of Raspberry Pies with me and to provide the various contents distributed on maybe 10 Raspberry Pies (500 GB). Should one Raspberry Pie break down then the people just take its SD card out and put it into a new Raspberry Pie. Should an SD card be broken, one would use a back-up SD card. The content does not need to change often, so no remote update needed. We can send a new set of SD cards via courier, if required. Is this plan realistic? And do I need help for setting up the various SD cards?

      Hello! It's a creative but complicated option!

      Between the RPi and RPlus, you'll lose a lot of content and long term reliability, as well as the ability to functionally serve lots of users at the same time. Even with a dozen Raspberry Pi's some content requires software and student logins, so it would be hard to replicate that. Kolibri, for instance, will take up more than one microSD card but have supposedly a single set of user accounts. You'll also run into WiFi conflict running all the devices at the same time if that's your idea. I'm hoping you're thinking you'll run a router or switch and put all the devices on a LAN somehow.

      Another issue we see is the unfortunate reality that the Raspberry Pi parts are useful in other devices, such as smartphones. We see power supplies quickly get commandeered by individuals looking to charge their phones and microSD cards used or sold as added storage to basic 3G phones.

      It seems like far less of an issue to cover shipping one RACHEL-Plus to Singapore (which we've shipped regularly), but it's certainly possible to do what you want. I'd just advise against it.

      Best, Jeremy

    • For Australia for a remote Aboriginal Community can the following educational software be provided: Mathletics Excel Testzone (English and Maths tests) Bug Club – (Reading) Literacy Planet

      Hello, unfortunately, that software is not "open-source" so you'd have to reach out to the developers of the software and ask them if they could provide the content to you in a format installable for a standalone ubuntu server.

    • Can Rachel be recharged via Solar Panel? We have potential users in the highlands of W Papua, Indonesia but without power.

      Hello, yes RACHEL can be recharged via solar. Many users do this. BBOX and Voltaic systems provide good solar charging solutions. Find out more at http://community.rachelfriends.org

    • I am writing this from Pakistan. I am associated with 160 rural schools out of which 150 operates in the remote north region of Pakistan. we do not have electricity and internet connectivity we have provied them with solar solutions and limited internet via IVS. i am really interested in this product. Please contact me. +923326123677

      hello, this product is perfect for that type of deployment. What questions can we answer for you? I encourage you to check out the video tutorial above as well!

    • Is there a way to update content on the Rachel server? Such as additional and recently released Khan Academy modules and short videos which we can download from TeacherTube, YouTube, PatrickJMT, etc. I ask this on behalf of my friend who is principal of a small high school on Yap, an island in the Western Pacific with only so-so internet access.

      Yes! You can always upload your own content -- PDFs, videos you've downloaded, music, etc using the file upload tool. Secondly, the content which comes on RACHEL can be updated through the devices admin section. You can only update the content if World Possible has released an update of that module. It can take us a few weeks to update a module so we don't do it that frequently. The video above in the RACHEL product description shows both of the processes for updating content.

    • Hello Jeremy, Can every install & Customize its own content? In Uganda about 1000+ recieved computers from RCDF at Uganda Commission. I will be pressing an order next months. But i advise on the best approach. Thanks,

      Yes, each order can customize their content. You would just send us a list from OER2Go.org of the content you would like.

    • Hi, am new to this website. I would like to find out if you have enough devices to allow me buy 5 at once to distribute to orphanages and community schools as a donation.

      Yes, we have plenty of devices.

    • Can moodle be used with Rachel?

      Yes, we have Moodle already installed. You can read about it on our forums at http://community.rachelfriends.org

    • Since this product is no longer supported and manufactured by Intel, how are you still able to supply it? we are a small NGO, and wanted to order the Inte-CUP to build our own similar server for school in Africa, but it was no longer possible since we cannot get the hardware. If we build a proposal around it and got funding for it. We do not have the funds to order this from and have it shipped to Ethiopia, Zambia and Tanzania.

      Hello, while Intel designed the product, anyone is free to manufacture it. We have our own manufacture for this device. 

    • Do you accept payment by wire transfer? My office would like to buy some devices but would not be able to pay by any of the online methods shown. Banking details would be appreciated for this purpose.

      Hello, yes, please contact us at store@worldpossible.org with a printout or screen shot of the checkout page from our website.

    • I am going to buy a Rachel server to take to a school in Shirati Tanzania. I see that you offer discount for NGO purchases. Is the server now available and how do I receive the discount?

      Hi Camille, we're hoping to find another donor to support discounted pricing, but right now, we don't have any funds available for the discount.

    • Hi, we are looking to buy 5 devices, but the estimated delivery date takes so long, we want to send them to LAREDO TX 78045, United States. How much time it will take if we order them now?

      Hi Ceasar,

      We make each device for each order to your specifications (language or content). This takes some time due to the massive amount of content being transferred. You can order for 14-business day processing (free), 7-business day processing (small fee) or rush processing (large fee as we stop everything else we're doing to make the orders).  At check-out, you can see your options. We usually beat these time frames, but we don't guarantee it.  Larger orders may add a couple days to those options.

      Best, Jeremy

    • And what about the document, do you have the full system specs?

      As the product is no longer supported by Intel, that document does not exist. The system specs include:

      - 802.11ac 2x2 and 802.11n 2x2 dual band simultaneous WiFi
      - 2.5" 7mm SATA support
      - 16GB eMMC
      - 4950mAH battery
      - 2x USB 3.0
      - 2x RJ-45 Gigabit
      - Intel SOC Celeron Processor N3350/N3450
      - DDR3L RAM Socket (4GB)
      - 32-bit Ubuntu 16.04 OS
      - Drop test 70cm (power off)
      - IP 54 (with I/O door)

    • Where can I find a technical document of this product like hardware and software specifications.For example with the verson 2 this is the document: https://www.intel.com/content/dam/support/us/en/documents/education/intel-education-hardware/Content_Access_Point_User-Manual_Spanish-Europe.pdf Does it have the system "Content Hub" as well as predecessors?

      Yes, this device does have Content Hub

    • What's the difference between HDD and SSD? If I'm ordering RACHEL Plus with Kolibri do I select CUSTOM for Preloaded Content?

      HDD is a storage device which has moving parts, works slower, utilizes more power, and generates more heat. In extreme environments, an SSD can serve more users, last longer, save battery life, and reduce heat. They obviously are more expensive though. It's a trade off depending on your budget.

      Please include notes on Kolibri, but select the languages you need.

    • I was planning to order a RACHEL Plus several weeks ago and read somewhere that it was going to be updated May/June. If I order now will I receive the updated unit?

      Hi Ryan, we are now shipping the new units. At checkout, you can see your options for delivery. 

    • Hello, I am looking at purchasing at least a few RACHELS for our mission in Kenya, Each One Feed One. I have seen the preview of the default pre-loaded content but I do not see how much space all that content occupies on the hard drive, would you please tell me?

      It occupies about 400GB of the available 440GB of space. There is an option to get a 1TB HDD in RACHEL. When you select that option, we add about 200GB of content and Kolibri software, so you have about 300GB of free space.

    • Just bought two Rachel Plus Corrected for Sierra Leone. I was not able to request the NGO discount on the order. "NGO20" discount did not work on this order, but previously worked on my first order for Sierra Leone. I did not see a place to enter the TIN when ordering today or when checking out today. Is it possible that the NGO discount does not apply to Rachel Plus Corrected or to Rachel Plus Corrected with hard drive enhancements (500 GB SSD)?

      Hi Allen,

      RACHEL-Corrections is RACHEL for prisons (aka Corrections). People in prison are prohibited from accessing Wikipedia for instance. I think we want to get you regular RACHEL-Plus for use in Sierra Leone. The discount code is available if you follow the instructions on the RACHEL-Plus page to verify your NGO status. Hope that helps!

    • What are the required parameters for the computers to use the Rachel Plus? Only the ability to connect through WiFi 2.0?

      Yes, any WiFi connection (not internet, just WiFi hardware installed on your computer) and a relatively modern web browser must be installed (firefox, chrome, safari, edge, internet explorer, etc).

    • Planning to bring Rachel Plus to the remote areas where is the Russian is more in use than English. Is that possible to download the Russian versions of Wiki, Khan and etc.???

      We don't currently have Russian content in our library http://oer2go.org -- We can put together Wikipedia and Khan in Russian, but would have to charge 1-day work to do so. https://store.worldpossible.org/collections/custom-work/products/daily-world-possible-custom-work