Only 1TB units remain. Quantities are limited.

This RACHEL Server is designed for use in schools, community centers, health centers, or places of learning worldwide where internet access does not exist or is limited. This is our primary product, which is used by hundreds of partner organizations in over 40 countries worldwide. 

Preview RACHEL-Plus Content Here (An online copy of RACHEL's offline content) -- compare content between 500GB and 1TB here

Overview of RACHEL-Plus (Watch This First):

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Enhanced hardware features include:

  • Up to 20-50 simultaneous users*
  • Remote access and updates if/when plugged into the internet
  • No recurring fees of any kind
  • 5 hour+ battery life
  • Extended WiFi range
  • Password protected teacher portal to easily upload PDFs, Movies, and other files

* 50 users with mixed-media usage, up to 20 simultaneous video streams

Important Safety Notice

This is not an industrial-grade device and should not be used in fixed infrastructure settings (ie. do not leave the device plugged into constant power 24 hours a day / 7 days a week).

Helpful supporting documents:

 Shipping information and questions: 

  • Free U.S. Shipping Available, for international orders you are responsible for understanding and paying your countries duties, import fees, and VAT in addition to the cost of shipping.
  • Please note, we do our best to ship as quickly as possible.  In general, we aim to ship within 5 business days.  When we cannot ship within 5 business days, we try to inform you immediately.