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This RACHEL Server is designed for use in schools, community centers, health centers, or places of learning worldwide where internet access does not exist or is limited. This is our primary product, which is used by hundreds of partner organizations in over 40 countries worldwide. A new version of this product is coming in May 2018.

Preview RACHEL-Plus Content Here (An online copy of RACHEL's offline content)

Overview of RACHEL-Plus (Watch This First):

Enhanced features include:

  • Up to 20-50 simultaneous users*
  • ~300GB of preloaded content, content is free always
  • Remote access and updates if/when plugged into the internet
  • No recurring fees of any kind
  • 5 hour+ battery life
  • Extended WiFi range
  • Password protected teacher portal to easily upload PDFs, Movies, and other files

* 50 users with mixed-media usage, up to 20 simultaneous video streams

Important Safety Notice

This is not an industrial-grade device and should not be used in fixed infrastructure settings (ie. do not leave the device plugged into constant power 24 hours a day / 7 days a week).

Helpful supporting documents:

 Shipping information and questions: 

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  • Please note, we do our best to ship as quickly as possible.  In general, we aim to ship within 5 business days.  When we cannot ship within 5 business days, we try to inform you immediately.
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    Questions & Answers

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    • Planning to bring Rachel Plus to the remote areas where is the Russian is more in use than English. Is that possible to download the Russian versions of Wiki, Khan and etc.???

      We don't currently have Russian content in our library http://oer2go.org -- We can put together Wikipedia and Khan in Russian, but would have to charge 1-day work to do so. https://store.worldpossible.org/collections/custom-work/products/daily-world-possible-custom-work 

    • What are the required parameters for the computers to use the Rachel Plus? Only the ability to connect through WiFi 2.0?

      Yes, any WiFi connection (not internet, just WiFi hardware installed on your computer) and a relatively modern web browser must be installed (firefox, chrome, safari, edge, internet explorer, etc).

    • Just bought two Rachel Plus Corrected for Sierra Leone. I was not able to request the NGO discount on the order. "NGO20" discount did not work on this order, but previously worked on my first order for Sierra Leone. I did not see a place to enter the TIN when ordering today or when checking out today. Is it possible that the NGO discount does not apply to Rachel Plus Corrected or to Rachel Plus Corrected with hard drive enhancements (500 GB SSD)?

      Hi Allen,

      RACHEL-Corrections is RACHEL for prisons (aka Corrections). People in prison are prohibited from accessing Wikipedia for instance. I think we want to get you regular RACHEL-Plus for use in Sierra Leone. The discount code is available if you follow the instructions on the RACHEL-Plus page to verify your NGO status. Hope that helps!

    • We have an NGO in Liberia. May I use the TIN number of the NGO there for the non-profit discount?

      Yes that’s fine. In America we use the code to qualify for discounted shipping rates and to get donor support for keeping prices low. Internationally we still honor the discount for any nonprofit. 

    • Could you please confirm weight and measurement for 2 Rachel- Plus

      Each RACHEL-Plus box is 12" x 9" x 2" or 31cm x 23cm x 5cm (this includes packaging and charger).

      Each RACHEL-Plus box weighs 2.5 lbs or 1.2kg (this includes packaging and charger).

    • Trying to purchase the RACHEL-Plus for a registered charity in Canada. Keep bumping into "Zipcode does not match billing address" Does this mean the credit card's address has to be the same as the registered charity's?

      This message just implies you have the incorrect billing zip code of the actual credit card. Your card would likely be declined by any online retail outlet if you tried it with the incorrect billing zip code. We (World Possible) don't actually ever see your credit card information. Our site is hosted by Shopify which takes care of all payment processing and credit card data. Are you sure you have the correct billing zip code for the billing address of the credit card?

    • I bought Rachel Plus last year for Chad, Africa. As the country speaks French, my school has problem to use the device up to now. Is there any step by step you can write as procedure to help the school connect the device to 25 monitors? Thank you.

      Hello, RACHEL-Plus can only be connected to by other computers (tablets, laptops, or desktop computers). You would need more than a monitor to connect. Your laptops, tablets, or desktop computers need to have a wireless receiver (not internet). You can use that wireless receiver to connect to the WiFi signal that RACHEL-Plus emits (you'll see a signal called RACHEL). There is a video on this page that shows the process of connecting.

    • What are the technical specifications of the Rachael- Plus? i.e What is the Hard-disk space, RAM, wi-fi range etc. Also, how many concurrent users can be connected to the inbuilt wireless transmitter whilst still maintaining good server performance?

      500GB Harddrive for Content / 16GB eMMC card for OS, 4GB RAM, 150ft of WiFi which can be reduced by many users or interference. Up to 50 users can be connected concurrently, however, if they are all watching videos, 20-25 is a better number to maintain performance. If they are all being tracked while they watch videos (in a system such as KA-Lite or Kolibre), 16-20 is generally a better maximum.

    • I am Cameroonian and we have an African-online non profit group and will like to partner with your organization and hopefully introduce RACHEL to other remote areas in Africa

      Thanks for reaching out to us! The best place to get started is to introduce yourself on our forums: http://community.rachelfriends.org/c/countries 

      You can also start with downloading our content free from http://oer2go.org or purchasing some RACHEL units through our store on this page to start distributing RACHEL! 

    • We purchased 4 devices a year ago. Is it possible to purchase just the power supplies? Several have been misplaced and the one I do have doesn't appear to be working so we can't use any of the devices at the moment.

      Yes, you can search power supply in our store or head here: https://store.worldpossible.org/products/rachel-plus-additional-power-supply 

    • Hi, Can one install Kolibri into Rachel? What do I need to know?

      Hi Boaz, you sure can! RACHEL-Plus is running Ubuntu 14.04, so the instructions here should work: https://kolibri.readthedocs.io/en/latest/install.html#debian-ubuntu-linux Officially, we'll start shipping with Kolibri in June of this year when our new RACHEL hardware arrives. If you need help, please post at http://community.rachelfriends.org 

      Best, Jeremy